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Do you need Cheap Translations Services with the highest quality?

Cheap Translations London offers professional multilingual translations who work at very competitive prices.

Our multilingual translation service is available at short notice and we are able provide you with the expertise of highly qualified and experienced translators who are specialised in various fields such as law, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, marketing etc.

The quality of our multi-lingual translation service depends on our ability to:

-          Use translators who work into their mother tongue
-          Use translators who have relevant linguistic qualifications as well a minimum of 5 years experience
-          Use translators who are specialists in the subject area they work in
-          Meet tight deadlines without compromising quality
-          Offer 24/7 service

If you need Cheap Translations with the highest quality, call us today on +44 (0)77 6066 6312 or email us at cheap.translations.london@gmail.com . Or you can simply click on ‘Get a free quote’ and send us your enquiry online.

Request a quotation now and we will get back to you in 24 hours

For regular translation send just fill the form after you press the bellow button and check your email for the price list. For a custom translation fill the form, attach your file and you will receive the price quotation by email in 24 hours.

Committed to full customer satisfaction, we are flexible to suit our translation services to each individual requirement, aiming to return them in a short period of time which is usually 24 hours for certificates, diplomas or other similar size documents. For large projects the delivery time will be decided after analysing the source documents. Technical, medical, legal or any other type of specialized translations attract a different fee and a longer delivery time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place my order?
We accept orders by:
- Email: cheap.translations.london@gmail.com
- Phone: 0044(0)7760666312
- Post: Cheap Translations Services
        3b, Manor Way, Colindale,
        NW9 6JD, London, United Kingdom
If you are unsure of what exactly you need, call us and we will help you.

How do I get a translation quote?
Don’t worry, we’re famously fast at producing translation quotes and turning jobs around so we’ve got you covered.
The quickest way to get an accurate quote is to call us on 0044(0)7760666312 or email your document through to us on cheap.translations.london.gmail.com
It’s always best if we speak as once we understand what you are trying to achieve we can often suggest ways of saving you money – there’s more than one way to skin a translation cat.
However, if you prefer to work on-line, you can always get a quote on ‘Get a free quote’

If you’d prefer good old fashioned snail-mail, please send it to:
Cheap Translation Services
3b, Manor Way, Colindale
Why do you charge for translation by the word not by the page, line or hour?
There are several different charging models in the translation industry but we believe charging by the number of words in the source document (the document you want translated, not the finished translated document) is the fairest method as it means that we are able give you a fixed price which accurately reflects the amount of work we do for you.

How much do translation cost?
Your translation will be created by one of our highly trained, experienced professional translators chosen for their expertise in your sector as well as their language skills.
We operate a fair and open pricing policy and always provide you with a written estimate including a full cost breakdown and are happy to answer questions, simply give us a call.
We price each translation separately to ensure you receive the translation which best matches your needs and budget.
Several factors affect the price you pay, each is discussed in detail below so you can understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

- Number of words/characters in the source document
- Class of translation
- Deadline
- Format of the source document
- Format of the finished document
- Language pairs to be translated
- Complexity and level of specialist knowledge required

Can you certify my existing translation?
Unfortunately we are not able to certify translations which were produced by other individuals or companies as that would mean that we would be lending our ‘stamp of approval’ to the accuracy and authenticity of a piece of work which we did not have control over the production of.
Please don’t misunderstand me, we are in no-way saying that the translation you have is not a good one, it’s just that we are not allowed to officially confirm that it is as we did not produce it from the original text.

How can I be sure of getting a good quality translation?
It might sound obvious but to receive a great quality translation, the work must be undertaken by a translator who is up to the job.
So, how can you tell if your chosen translator is of a high enough standard? Luckily we’ve developed a set of criteria over the years which separates the wheat from the chaff.

What makes a great translator?

Formal qualifications
Translators who hold a Diploma in Translation (DipTrans.) issued by the Institute of Linguists or a Translation Degree or Languages Degree with substantial translation components from a reputable establishment are likely to produce better results than those who do not.

Translation Experience
We can’t stress this enough. There really is no substitute for years of experience.
Each translation agency will have its own policy on translators’ experience and should be happy to explain it to you. For example, we insist that translators producing our premium translations have at least 5 years relevant commercial experience (most have many more than this) as we find that anything less than this does not guarantee the highest quality.

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